A comparison between the experimental and numerical results of the torque-speed graph is presented. There is a good agreement between the numerical and experimental data in the Couette, Taylor and Pre-wavy regimes. In the wavy regime, the numerical data are larger than the corresponding measured torques but the difference is confined to below 14%. The calculated critical speeds for the onset of Taylor vortex and Pre-wavy flows are slightly larger than the experimentally measured ones. Flow patterns in the longitudinal cross section view of the fluid between two cylinders are also presented. Experimental results show that Taylor vortex flow is replaced by a new equilibrium flow, which is defined as Pre-wavy flow. The major characteristic of the Pre-wavy flow is the appearance of zones of particle accumulation in the areas near the inner cylinder. These zones correspond to the low pressure regions. Except for the flow patterns in the Pre-wavy regime there is good agreement between the numerical simulation and the experimental results.

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