We present a realistic elastohydrodynamic lubrication (EHL) simulation in point contact using a Carreau-like model for the shear-thinning response and the Doolittle-Tait free-volume viscosity model for the piezoviscous response. The liquid is a high viscosity polyalphaolefin which possesses a relatively low threshold for shear-thinning. As a result, the measured EHL film thickness is about one-half of the Newtonian prediction. We derived and numerically solved the two-dimensional generalized Reynolds equation for the modified Carreau model based on Greenwood [1]. Departing from many previous solutions, the viscosity models used for the pressure and shear dependence were obtained entirely from viscometer measurements. Truly remarkable agreement is found in the comparisons of simulation and experiment for traction coefficient and for film thickness in both pure rolling and sliding cases. This agreement validates the use of a generalized Newtonian model in EHL.

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