Contact induced vibration of air bearing-slider-suspension system is a crucial issue for slider flying stability and head positioning precision of 1 Tb/in2 hard disk drives. In this paper, the contact induced off-track vibrations of air bearing-slider-suspension system are investigated by simulation. A dynamic simulator is developed to calculate the interactions between the air bearing dynamics and vibrations of slider-suspension assembly. The simulation model consists of a finite element (FE) model of suspension assembly, an air bearing model based on the generalized lubrication equation, and a slider-disk contact model based on the probability distributions of surface roughness. A sequential method is used to couple all these models and analyses. The time history of the slider and suspension motions, together with the time-varying forces including air bearing force, air shear forces, contact force and friction force can be obtained. The effects of different contact conditions, such as the contact intensity, friction coefficient, and disk surface waviness on off-track vibrations are investigated numerically in details. The results reveal some mechanisms on how these factors contribute to the off-track vibrations of suspension assembly.

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