One of the fields of tribology is to predict wear to ensure reliability for mechanisms that mechanical engineers design. Since the middle of the XXth century, lots of wear investigations have been done. Nowadays we can find a huge list of wear mechanisms (abrasion, adhesion, corrosion, etc) and more than one hundred wear laws, involving more than one hundred independent parameters. For Meng & al. [1], “the available equations are so confusing that few designers can use any of them to predict product life with confidence”. For Godet [2] “adhesion, abrasion, fatigue etc. are not wear but [only] particle detachment mechanisms”. And finally, from [1], we shall “develop full descriptions of the evolution of macroscopic events on sliding surfaces. This must include a description of the formation and movement of fragmented particles in the interface region”. The medium at the interface, constituted by detached particles from the materials or even by the oil in the case of lubrication, is then called “third body”.

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