A mathematical model of a heavy duty gas turbine has been implemented using GateCycle™ code. This model is able to simulate the engine behavior running on syngas and fuel oil. Also engine control logic is implemented using Microsoft Excel™ VBA language. The model implemented has been finely tuned and tested with measured data. Test results show that it is able to simulate engine running in on-design and off-design conditions. Using this model, an extensive thermodynamic analysis of light fuel oil and syngas fed engine performance has been carried out in respect of ambient conditions. As it is possible to see in the results of the thermodynamic analysis, at high air temperatures performance reduction occur. Relative humidity have a slightly effect on engine performance when the latter is running on syngas. Instead it doesn’t have a relevant effect on the performance of the engine running on light liquid fuel oil in all the range of ambient temperature investigated. Results of this analysis also show the correct replication of the engine control system. In conclusion, the developed mathematical model is able to simulate gas turbine operations with low errors. So that, it could be used in order to optimise engine performance at the ambient conditions that occur for the site of the IGCC Complex in which gas turbine has integrated as topper.

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