Today’s power plant outages are much more time, quality and dollar sensitive than ever before. At $600,000 of lost revenues per calendar day, along with the multi-million dollar outage costs for a 500 MW unit while out of service, today’s owners want to know that everything possible is being done to return their units back on-line, on target. It is the outage manager, working in close concert with his labor force and outside contractors, who is usually charged with making this happen. His job is tough, it’s stressful and in these days of leaner staffs, he needs all of the support he can get. That’s the objective of this paper, to offer him that support and ideas on how to keep those shut-downs on target. In this paper, outage management skills are addressed, from the perspective of the owner and his general contractor as well as from their various contractors’ perspectives. Starting with the initial specification development, the bidding process is reviewed. Then, the structuring of the construction contract is discussed with the objective of devising a win-win document. Properly setting up the site operations and then managing the work within the constraints of the originally defined scope, schedule and budget are reviewed. And finally, specific tools and techniques are introduced to keep the plan in focus. Managing a power plant outage can be a daunting undertaking and if not properly managed, from the conceptual phase right through to the final completion, the outage target dates will never be assured. However, this paper shows that if properly structured and properly managed, a very successful project can result.

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