As part of a much larger Ontario Power Generation NOx reduction program, two separate turnkey contracts were awarded to RJM Corporation to convert the four units at the Lakeview Generating Station located on lake Ontario near downtown Toronto. Lakeview Station Units 1, 2, 5 and 6 are 300 MWe, B&W split furnace, radiant boilers firing bituminous coal. Units 1 & 2 have 24 burners and Units 5 & 6 have 18 burners all located on the front wall. The original B&W register style burners were used as a basis to reduce NOx emissions to the maximum amount possible by means of burner modifications using RJM’s low NOx burner components. This upgrade reduced NOX by more than 50% from the original burner baseline, simultaneously maintained CO below 100 ppm and maintaining a reasonable increase in baseline LOI, with no effect on boiler steam temperatures or performance. RJM Corporation was selected on a competitive bid basis to perform these contracts on a turnkey basis. Stone and Webster prepared the specification and acted as the OPGI engineer throughout the project. The details of the retrofit and the results of the conversion are presented in this paper.

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