A lot of researches indicate a great importance of thermal sprayed coatings for wear resistance. However some valuable properties such as self-lubrication ability of thermal sprayed coatings become hesitated some times. This paper revealed tribomechanic properties of hard oxide aluminum ceramic coating and bronze-based thermal flame sprayed coatings in view of self lubrication that take place under insufficient lubrication due to vaporization, localized load etc. In this work, hard oxide ceramic coating and bronze based coatings were investigated. Some of them were impregnated by polyethylene or oil sealant. The test revealed an effect of lubricant temperature on tribological properties of the coatings and its self sealing properties. The tests revealed an effect of porosity, hardness, adhesion and structure on wear rate and coefficient of friction of the coatings. The obtained results demonstrate an optimal load range for the coatings.

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