Most of the recent combined cycle plants have been designed and constructed as Greenfield Plants. These new plants have been designed mostly as Merchant Plants, owned and operated by Independent Power Producers. There is about 260,000 MW of conventional coal-fired and gas-fired capacity in the USA that is more than 30 years old. About 30,000 MW of conventional gas-fired capacity exists in the area of The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) with relatively poor heat rates in comparison to modern combined cycle plants. These plants are good candidates for HRSG repowering. In addition, there are several coal-fired units in the 200 MW range with steam turbines in relatively good shape or in a condition that can be refurbished and used in repowering. The installed cost of repowered (also called Brownfield) capacity is about 20%–40% less than for comparable Greenfield capacity. There are also other advantages to repowering. Since the site is already existing, it is easier to get the various environmental and construction permits. The efficiency of the repowered units will be significantly higher than the existing units in their current status thus increasing the overall performance of the entire system. The paper will discuss various considerations required for repowering, including steam turbine refurbishment, demolition/relocation of existing equipment, recent cost studies, and various considerations for equipment such as HRSGs.

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