Field installation and inspection of structural bolts in SCR’s and HRSG’s consume thousands of man-hours. Bolts are installed by various qualities of labor: ironworkers, boilermakers, pipefitters, millwrights, laborers, or non-union workers, especially in offshore locations. Project schedules require rapid assembly of steelwork so that the mechanical systems can be located and made operational in the least possible time. Tightening specifications for bolts used in these applications change frequently, and field personnel often have difficulty keeping abreast of the changes. Direct Tension Indicating (DTI) washers have made bolt tightening in these applications more or less foolproof for twenty or more years, but their installation and inspection has been labor-intensive. With the development of the DTI ‘Squirter Washer’, bolts can be tightened and inspected in about one-half the time previously devoted to this operation. Duke/Fluor Daniel, Bechtel, Babcock & Wilcox, The Industrial Company, and other contractors are now using Squirter DTI’s and sharing the savings with their client power project owners.

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