An innovative small-scale gasification system for solid wastes is proposed which is known as STAR-MEET system. In this system, a fixed-bed pyrolyzer combined with a high temperature reformer using high temperature steam/air mixture is employed. From the experimental results using rubber chips as a fuel, it has been demonstrated that injection of high temperature steam/air mixture into the pyrolysis gas effectively decomposes tar and soot components in the pyrolysis gas into CO and H2, and almost dust and tar free clean reformed gas can be generated. The STAR-MEET system requires high temperature steam/air generator, and a 900C class metallic type compact heat exchanger has been successfully developed. This gasification system generates low BTU gas from solid wastes. Thus power generation experiments using a dual fueled (light oil gas and low BTU gas) small diesel engine were done using a simulated low BTU gas produced from natural gas diluted with nitrogen. Compared with light oil only driven, dual fueled engine shows similar thermal efficiency while significantly low NOx emission. Finally, power generation experiments using a complete STAR-MEET plant has been successfully done. These results demonstrates small-scale gasification and power generation system using solid wastes is quite feasible.

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