For the near future business application, the new idea of the distributed energy network system is proposed to secure lower cost and highly reliable power and heat supply system for the limited local area such as high energy density urban area. In Japan, tariff of the electric power is same for urban consumers and rural consumers under the present power law. However the wave of the power deregulation may affect to small business users and home users and the free-market of power purchase may emerge in public domain. Towards the realization of the future active power market, the new idea is created to promote the intelligent distributed power generation systems and heat utilization systems using the Internet application and local energy network construction. This system has been discussed in the consortium, consisting of Nagoya University, Gas Company, Power utility, Trade Company, IT Company etc since May 2000. The idea of the proposed eL-power network system is to supply necessary power and heat to the only customers in the high energy density area like near the railway station using energy management by mean of the Internet technologies.

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