In this study, we aim at developing the heat driven type water cooler using metal hydride (abbr., MH) alloy. Heat driven type MH water cooler is one of the chemical heat pumps, and the endothermic reaction on the cooling part MH (to put it simply, MH2) is used for the cooling. Because MH is too expensive (200∼300 $ per 1kg) and has an unfavorable activation characteristic, this cooler has not been used generally yet. In order to increase the system performance, we use a new TiFe alloy, which has been developed by co-researcher, to the heat source part MH (to put it simply, MH1). Moreover, to improve the cooling load per MH mass, we mix the brush type carbon fiber, 2 mass% into MH beds. By this method, the cooling load per MH mass is been increased to 0.078 kW/kg (MH2).

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