We studied effects of parameters on collector efficiency of evacuated solar collector system to get hot water near 100°C. Change of temperature in the solar collector system is calculated for a daily change of solar radiation with 5 minutes cloud. Six operation-control methods are examined. Calculation results show that the effect of the control methods on average collector efficiency for one day is small as 1%. Best control method to minimize effect of the cloud on exit temperature fluctuation of the water is that the flow rate of the water is controlled proportional to the solar radiation. Two types of heat storage system are examined: a non-circulating type (supply new water and accumulate heated water in the heat storage tank) and a circulating type (circulating water from the heat storage tank). The non-circulating type is effective to use the solar energy in the daytime, and the circulating type is effective to use solar energy in the evening. Also, we measured temperature of a collector plate under actual solar radiation in a fine day.

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