A study has been carried out by experimental simulation of the loss of coolant accident (LOCA) in an Indian pressurized heavy water reactor (IPHWR). The experiment has been carried out taking a completely voided fuel channel of Indian PHWR at 40 bar inside pressure as test-section. In order to simulate the rate of heat generation during LOCA, the pressure tube (PT) was electrically heated with a 12VDC/3500A rectifier. Initially the set-up was maintained at 300 °C temperature by resistance heating of PT. After attaining nearly steady state a step input of 21 kW electrical heating was given to the test-section which resulted in the temperature rise of PT with a gross rate of 2.8 °C/s. The ballooning deformation of test-section tube i.e. PT initiated at 575 °C temperature. With the progress of ballooning the rate of temperature rise was reduced due to high heat transmission to CT and subsequently to water in the tank surrounding CT. The pressure tube (PT) and calendria tube (CT) contact established at the average PT temperature of 680 °C. The contact was also confirmed from the average temperature profile of CT.

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