Composite materials structured at the scale of photon’s correlation lengths allow controlling the electromagnetic field they radiate in their surrounding both in far and near fields. Among these media, metamaterials are artificial magnetodielectric materials engineered to provide optical properties that we do not meet as it in nature. In some cases these materials enabled the manifestation of new phenomena such as the negative refraction, super-resolution, reversed Doppler effect and cloaking. In the present work, based on the fluctuational electrodynamics theory of Rytov, we study the non-radiative heat flux exchanged between two parallel metamaterials. We show that heat transfers between two metamaterials can be strongly affected by the presence of magnetic plasmons in the transverse electric polarization. The effect of relative position between the dielectric and magnetic resonances on heat transfer is discussed in details. Our results provide new perspectives for applications in radiative energy transfer and energy conversion technologies.

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