Two phase flows in mini channels occur in many industrial applications such as electronic cooling, compact heat exchangers, compact refrigeration systems and in micro propulsion devices. Due to its significance, research on two phase flow in mini channels has become attractive. However, in recent times a controversy exists whether flow in minichannel is different from macro flow because there are still substantial disagreements among various experimental results. In the present study an experimental investigation is carried out for fluid flow and boiling heat transfer characteristics of mini channels with tube diameters ranging from 1–3mm. The tubes were made of SS with water as the working fluid. The variation in friction factor and Nusselt number with decrease in tube diameter for single phase flow was systematically studied. The point of Onset of Nucelate Boiling (ONB) was identified based on wall temperature profile. The effect of heat flux and mass flux on two phase pressure drop with three different tube diameters during sub cooled boiling were investigated. The results reveal that there is an unmistakable effect of tube diameter on fluid friction and onset of boiling during sub cooled boiling in tubes of mini channel dimensions.

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