The aim of this work is to present new techniques for the estimation of thermal diffusivity and velocity fields from the measurement of the front face temperature fields of microfluidic cells with infrared thermography. Recently, a method was performed in steady state condition. Here, a new method is presented in transient state in order to access to both Peclet and Fourier fields. This new method is based on the calculation of a temporal correlation matrix. Examples obtained for water flow in microfluidic chip are developed. It is shown that a Fourier number field can be estimated and then used to differentiate the pixels corresponding to the location of the microchannel from the others. The knowledge of this Fourier field is the first step for a consecutive estimation of a field of Peclet number. Results obtained for several flow rates demonstrated that the estimated Fourier number is different inside and outside the channel. This is in good agreement with the variation of the apparent thermal properties. Finally the estimated Peclet number is linearly related to the flow rate injected in the channel.

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