Experimental investigations of a two-phase flow were conducted to study heat transfer and various flow patterns of steam condensation in two different microchannels. Microchannels have a rectangular cross-section with hydraulic diameter of 305μm (depth of 310μm and width of 300μm) and 410.5μm (depth of 312μm and width of 600μm). The length of each microchannel is of 50 mm. The silicon microchannel is covered with a transparent thin Pyrex plate to view different flow patterns. Microthermocouples (K-type, 20μm) were placed in rectangular silicon grooves. Measurements are carried out for different inlet pressures and flow rates of steam while the outlet pressure of the microchannel is kept at atmospheric pressure. Plug/slug flow patterns are observed in the microchannel for different mass fluxes. Local surface temperatures along the microchannel corresponding of each two-phase flow structure are measured and analyzed.

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