The Spectral Line Weighted-sum-of-gray-gases (SLW) model consisting only of a single gray gas and of one clear gas is developed as an efficient spectral method for modeling radiation transfer in gaseous medium. The model is applied here in prediction of radiative transfer in non-isothermal and non-homogeneous gas mixtures with non-gray soot. The absorption spectrum of the gas mixture and soot particles is treated as a spectrum of a single effective gas reducing the problem to the simplest case of the SLW model with a single gray gas. Good accuracy can be achieved by the optimal choice of the model’s gray gas absorption coefficient and its weight by application of the Absorption-Line Blackbody Distribution Functions of individual species in the mixture calculated with a high-resolution spectral database. The SLW-1 model is validated by comparison with benchmark solutions using the Line-by-Line method, the SLW method with a large number of gray gases, and the SNB model.

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