For high efficiency compact heat exchangers one needs to gain detailed knowledge of the distribution of the local heat transfer. For a profound assessment of heat enhancing mechanisms like secondary flow structures which are often found at rather small scales it is necessary to perform heat transfer measurements with high spatial resolution. A technique that satisfies this need is the ammonia absorption method (AAM). It is based on the analogy between heat and mass transfer. The here presented paper describes a new calibration approach for the AAM. It is done through the use of a well established heat transfer correlation for the hydrodynamic and thermal entry in parallel plate channels. This calibration approach is applied to heat transfer measurements in compact heat exchangers with inclined flat tubes and plane fins at Redh = 3000. The heat transfer performance is compared to fin-and-tube heat exchangers with round tubes. It is found that the novel devices show consistently higher global Nusselt numbers than comparable round tube heat exchangers.

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