The NPP design that integrates a high temperature helium cooled nuclear reactor with a gas-turbine power conversion unit requires investigations and development of high-efficiency heat-exchange equipment operating in the closed primary circuit. The equipment must be very compact, which implies highly efficient heat transfer at minimum pressure loss. This paper presents an analysis of optimal heat-exchange surface selection, as well as design and layout features of recuperators, precoolers and intercoolers. Considered are tube (made of straight, helical, including those with the small bending radius, finned tubes etc.), plate-and-fin and matrix heat-exchange surfaces combined as separate modules or as a single bundle. Suggested are methods and criteria to select rational heat-exchange surfaces with account of critical factors and limitations. Given are results of the comparative analysis and computational and experimental investigations of surfaces; design and layout solutions for heat-exchange apparatuses arranged in the vertical high-pressure vessel with limited dimensions.

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