The principle of minimum entropy production has played an important role in the development of non-equilibrium thermodynamics. Inspired by this principle, Bejan derived the expression of the local entropy production rate for heat convection and established the entropy production minimization approach for the heat exchanger optimization design. Although one can obtain the entropy production distribution in the heat exchanger numerically, it can not directly been employed to examine the heat exchanger performance. Tondeur and Kvaalen found that the entropy production uniformity is closely related to the heat exchanger performance. In the present work, based on Tondear and Kvaalen’s work, an entropy production uniformity factor is defined, which quantifies the uniformity of the local entropy generation distribution in heat exchanger. Numerical results of the heat transfer in a rectangular channel show that the larger entropy production uniformity factor implies less irreversible loses. Therefore, this factor can serve as a thermodynamic figure of merit for assessing the heat exchanger performance.

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