The aim of the present study is to propose an original method to compute the shape of the interface in the vicinity of a contact line after a film break. The principle of the experiment consists in a controlled volume of evaporating liquid (HFE7100) deposited in a millimetric cylindrical vertical well. During the evaporation process, the liquid-gas interface takes a toroidal shape delimiting an axisymmetric film with the well bottom and side walls. At the beginning, the evaporation process occurs without triple line on the bottom. Then a circular triple line appears on the bottom. The meniscus interface shape and the triple line location are instantaneously measured by laser sheet sounding from underneath and numerical inversion: This technique analyses the variation of the light intensity along a laser sheet due to its refraction trough consecutive interfaces (solid-liquid-vapor).The laser sheet impacts intensity on a perpendicular screen is inverted. The inversion result is the shape of the interface and the position of the triple line during the evaporation process.

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