This study investigates the hydraulic performance of a copper micro-pin-fin array subjected to water liquid single-phase flow conditions. The test section contains an array of 1950 staggered square micro-pin-fins with 200 micron × 200 micron cross-section by 670 micron height. The ratios of longitudinal pitch and transverse pitch to pin-fin equivalent diameter are equal to 2. Seven water inlet temperatures from 22°C to 80°C, and seventeen maximum mass velocities for each inlet temperature, ranging from 181 to 1649 kg/m2s, were tested. The test module was well insulated to maintain adiabatic conditions. Comparison of predictions of eleven existing friction factor correlations with the experimental data show relatively large discrepancies. The experimental study was complemented with a numerical analysis of single-phase flow in the micro-pin-fin array. Numerical results show excellent agreement with experimental data for Reynolds numbers below 700.

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