Combustion characteristic of natural gas (NG) in a symmetrical combustion chamber and external convection heat transfer characteristic of water flow has been investigated numerically. The burner using a combination of swirling premixed and jet diffusion flames to achieve high flame stability. The combined eddy dissipation model/finite rate chemistry (EDM/FRC) combustion models coupled with RNG k-ε turbulence model were applied to model turbulence combustion. The discrete transfer method (DTM) coupled with weighted sum of gray gas model (WSGGM) were applied to solve the radiation heat transfer. Accurate calculation results were obtained by coupling calculation of combustion in the combustion chamber and external water flow and heat transfer. The temperature fields, heat transfer characteristic in the combustor and water tank were obtained by numerical simulation. The effects of water inlet mass flow rate on combustion and external heat transfer characteristics were discussed. The results indicated that water flow has significant effect on external heat transfer. The temperature distribution is quite uniform in the water tank. Radiation heat transfer plays a dominant role of heat transfer in the combustor.

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