When the thermomagnetic convection of a temperature-sensitive magnetic fluid takes place in a loop-shape channel, a continuous circulation of the fluid may be maintained due to the magnetic force resulting from the synergy of external magnetic field and the temperature gradient in the fluid, which plays as a thermomagnetic “pump”. This kind of loops can be used as automatic cooling systems. Researches on such thermomagnetic convection cooling loop have been limited to the “single-pump” situation. In this paper, mathematical models of series-wound and shunt-wound “multi-pump” thermomagnetic convection loops are established by considering the impact of different magnetic fields on each other. The flow and heat transport features of these “multipump” systems are numerically investigated, which are then compared with those in the conventional “single-pump” loop. It is shown that the performance of such a loop is radically changed as more “pumps” join in. The flow and heat transport features of the fluid in a thermomagnetic convection loop system can be easily controlled by the number of “pumps” as well as the way they are connected.

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