Welding is a process for joining similar metals. Heat input and interpass temperature are important technical parameters that affect the welding temperature distribution field. 2D simulation of multi-pass compound groove of welding process for X80 pipeline steel is carried out by finite element software ANSYS, in which the distribution of T8/5 of welding filling layers is analyzed. The results show that the effect of heat input to T8/5 is significant. The T8/5 becomes longer with the increase of the heat input. Because of the obvious preheat influence of the preceding pass to the following, the T8/5 becomes longer with the increase of the weld pass quantity. When interpass temperature is equal to preheat temperature, the difference of the T8/5 on filling layer is tended to be insignificant. The T8/5 will be located within a reasonable range by choosing the appropriate heat input and interpass temperature.

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