Experimental study on turbulent drag reduction (DR) and polymer concentration distribution with blowing polymer solution from whole surface of the channel wall was carried out. A set of measurements for drag reduction were performed with blowing rate for the sintered porous metal plate (0.45m × 0.45m × 3) adjusted from 0.5 L/min to 4.0 L/min, and concentration of polymer solution varied from 10 ppm to 200 ppm. Reynolds number based on the channel height was chosen for 20000 and 40000 in this experiment. The polymer concentration distribution in the near-wall region (0.5 mm < y < 20 mm) at three locations of the downstream from the leading edge of the blower wall was also measured. Polymer concentration can be analyzed via Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analyzer. Through the analysis of mass transfer by polymer concentration distribution, we found that polymer which exists in buffer layer (10 < y+ < 70) has important influence on drag reduction.

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