An experimental study was performed to investigate the tube side convective condensation under an applied DC high voltage. Experiments were performed in a horizontal, single-pass, counter-current heat exchanger with a rod electrode placed along the centre of the tube. A 8 kV DC voltage was applied across the annular gap between the central electrode and the pipe wall. The experiments were performed for mass flux in the range 45 to 156 kg/m2s and average quality of 45 percent. The application of the high voltage electric field results in electric body forces at the liquid-vapor interface which extracts the liquid from the bottom stratum towards the vapour core. The application of the 8 KV DC voltage increased heat transfer and pressure drop by factor 3 and 4.5 respectively at the lowest mass flux of 45 kg/m2s. The results show that liquid extraction from the bottom liquid stratum changed the mode of heat transfer at the bottom of the tube from convective condensation into film condensation.

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