A model of the “theatre of director” (MTD) links dependence of developed boiling HTC only on two external parameters (heat flux and average effective radius of active nucleation sites) to short duration of each action of cooling mechanisms. According multifactoring concept (MFC) significant prolongation of the actions of cooling mechanisms leads to transition to specific regimes with dependence on increased number of factors (duration-dependent multifactoring (DDM)). Splitting of developed boiling heat transfer curve into several curves, depending on sublooling of bulk liquid, direction of gravity field and thermal parameters of heating surface, has been fixed through experimental study of DDM of pool boiling heat transfer on downward-facing horizontal heating surface. Interpretation and qualitative analysis of received experimental data on HTC and video-films of characteristic boiling regimes allow to arriving at the conclusion about applicability of unified consistent research framework MTD-MFC in terms of description of diversity of boiling heat transfer curves.

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