In this paper, the pool nucleate boiling performance of acetone and acetone/ethanol mixture on a magnesium alloy surface is studied experimentally. The pure acetone and the mixtures with two different mixing ratios are tested. A uniform heat flux is provided through the magnesium alloy tube to heat the mixtures around the magnesium tube surface. The general aim of this classic heat transfer experiment is to investigate the heat transfer performance of the binary fluids on the magnesium alloy surface, and the compatibility of the binary fluids with magnesium alloy. The results show that pure acetone presents better heat transfer performance than its mixtures. Compared two mixtures, the difference of 10% concentration of acetone (90% or 80%) do not result in a huge change of heat transfer coefficient. The scanning electronic microscope (SEM) observation suggested that either the pure acetone or acetone/ethanol mixtures could be used as working fluids of magnesium (Mg) alloy heat pipes.

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