In the crash collision, the vehicle energy absorbers play an important role in the energy absorbed performance. Current vehicle energy absorbers have two defects during collision, such as only 70 % collapsed in its length and high initial peak load. It is because present energy absorbed column is the most primitive from the point of Origami structure. We developed the column so called Reversed Spiral Origami Structure; RSO which solves these 2 defects. However, for RSO, the manufacturing cost of hydroforming in the existing technology is too expensive to be applied in real vehicle structure. To address the problems, we have developed a new molding method called “Partial-heating torsion molding method”. And we have developed RTO (Reversed Torsion Origami Structure) by this new molding method at a very low cost. We show this RTO also solves the two defects of the present vehicle absorbers by not only simulation but also experiments. This structure is possible to replace conventional energy absorbers and it is expected to be widely used such as not only in automobile structures but also in building ones.

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