In recent decades, researchers have successfully applied tensegrity robots in wilderness exploration, aerospace and biomimicry, based on the strong adaptability and high stiffness to mass ratio. In this paper, a fusiform tensegrity robot driven by cable and telescopic strut is proposed, which is intended to be used as a foot module of a multi-legged robot. The numerical kinematic and static solution of the dual drive fusiform tensegrity robot is derived using the principle of minimum energy. Then, its force space, which is a set of external forces applied to the robot in a certain equilibrium configuration, is calculated. Next, the workspace of one reference point is derived by calculating an equivalent four bar mechanism. Meanwhile the workspace of the other end of the strut is calculated numerically. Finally, the theoretical analysis is verified by a simulation, and the dual drive fusiform tensegrity robot module is proved to be feasible as one foot of a multi-legged robot.

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