The paper reports design and implementation of a Delta Robot based non-anthropomorphic hand. A set of three constant orientation Delta robots are shown to be useful to perform manipulation maneuvers on the object. Voice coil arc actuators are deployed to improve the backdrivability of the robot. The hand consists of three constant orientation fingers which are deployed to grasp an object. The fingers are programmed to behave as a set of springs to generate stable object acquisition. The capability of the robotic hand to perform different maneuvers is demonstrated. The dynamic feedback linearisation method is shown to be useful both for controlling the robotic hand and also to ensure passive grasp of the robotic system. It is shown that the hand can be used to catch an object, improve the grasp forces on the surface of the object, impart oscillatory motion, and also to throw the object in a prescribed direction. Standalone examples are described to suggest the same. The backdrivability of the voice coil arc actuators are demonstrated to be of purpose in improving the passive grasp behaviour of the robot. The swift motion of the actuators are shown to be useful while performing quick oscillations and also to throw the object.

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