The design of XY compliant parallel manipulators (CPMs) remains challenging considering the tradeoff between the mirror-symmetry for better constrained undesired rotations and the small footprint, although a significant number of XY CPMs have been reported in extensive applications. This paper presents a new XY CPM using mirror-symmetry without increasing its footprint, mainly aiming to reduce the undesired parasitic rotations of input and output motion stages. The concept of higher degree of stiffness centre symmetry is deployed to tackle the parasitic rotations, leading to a multi-layer compact XY CPM design with each layer being a rotation-symmetrical design. A nonlinear and analytical model of the proposed XY CPM is derived using free body diagrams and the Beam Constrained Model (BCM) to accurately analyse its performance characteristics over a large range of motion. The designed XY CPM is then verified by the nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA) method. Finally, the proposed multi-layer design is comprehensively compared with the well-received single-layer rotation-symmetrical design. It is shown in the new design that the parasitic rotations of input and output stages along with the actuator isolation are significantly reduced and that the out-of-plane-stiffness is also significantly increased.

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