The efficient creation of 3D CAD platforms can be achieved by the optimization of their design process. The research presented in this article showcases a method for allowing such efficiency improvement. The method is based on the DMADV six sigma approach. During the Define step, the definition of the scope and design space is established. In the Measure step, the initial evaluation of the platforms to be improved is done with the help of a Metrics framework for 3D CAD platforms. The Analyze Step includes the identification and optimization of the systems’ model of the process based on the architecture and the multiple objectives required for the improvement. The optimization method used that is based on evolutionary algorithms allows for the identification of the best improvement alternatives for the next step. During Design step of the method, the improvement alternatives are planned and executed. In the final Verification step, the evaluation of the improved process is tested against the previous status with the help of the Metrics Framework for 3D CAD platforms. The method is explained with an example case of a 3D CAD platform for creating metallic boxes for electric machinery.

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