Cable and hose routing is a complex and time-consuming process that often involves several conflicting objectives. Complexity increases further when routes of multiple components are to be considered through the same space. Extensive work has been done in the area of automatic routing where few proposals optimize multiple hoses together. This paper proposes a framework for the routing of multiple pre-formed hoses in an assembly using a unique permutation process where several alternatives for each hose are generated. A combinatorial optimization process is then used to find Pareto-optimal solutions for the multi-route assembly. This is coupled with a scoring model that predicts the overall fitness of a solution based on designs previously scored by the engineer as well as an evaluation system where the engineer can score new designs found through the use of the framework to update the scoring model. The framework is evaluated using a testcase from a car manufacturer showing a severalfold time reduction compared to a strictly manual process. Considering the time savings, the proposed framework has the potential to greatly reduce the overall routing processes of hoses and cables.

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