The importance of process planning in manufacturing systems has been widely recognized. Process planning is a complex process with abundant information, intensive knowledge and miscellaneous experience, which leads to many challenges in its innovation. Innovation has been supported by innovative methods and information integration. However, the existing research on innovative design theory and information integration only focused on product design but rarely process planning. Therefore, it is urgent to study how to systematically use multi-dimensional information to influence process planning and realize innovative process design. An model for innovative process planning was proposed. And the general strategy of process innovation design was established. The process knowledge management and application methods were put forward, and the knowledge service system for innovative process was established. In order to support process innovation in practice, the framework of innovative process design service platform was established. Finally, a case is taken to illustrate the feasibility of the proposed method. The result shows that the proposed method can guide the designers to produce innovative process plans rapidly to solve the shortcomings of traditional process plans.

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