Research on user experience (UX) has attracted much attention from designers. Additionally, hedonic quality can help designers understand user interaction (such as attractive, original and innovative) when they experience a product. Realising the user’s interaction state is a significant step for designers to optimise product design and service. Previous UX modelling lacks exploration in user interaction state. Also, the lack of user interaction state factor will reduce the accuracy of the UX modelling. In this paper, we explore the interaction value of online customer review and introduce a new approach to integrating hedonic quality for UX modelling. Firstly, extracting word list from online customer review; Secondly, hedonic quality words are extracted from the word list and added as a hedonic quality part to UX modelling; Thirdly, we compared the analysis result with our previous study for the conclusion. This research combines hedonic quality with UX modelling to enrich modelling in the field of UX for the first time. The proposed data collection method is superior to the traditional collection methods in hedonic quality studies. Extracting hedonic quality factors from online customer reviews can in-depth provide reflections for designers to improve their product design. Furthermore, it also explored the valuable relationship between UX and online customer reviews to provide proactive thinking in user strategy and design activities.

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