In the paper, a new test bench for characterization and durability assessment of multi disc wet clutches for motorbike applications is presented. The design of the new test bench is inspired by the current SAE standards J2490 and J286 that refer to the testing of friction material for automatic transmissions wet clutches. Differently from the test bench described in the two standards, which is mainly designed to test the friction material, the test bench presented in this paper has been designed for testing the whole clutch, comprising all discs and the actuation mechanism. The lubrication system of the clutch utilized on the test bench is very similar to the one present on the actual motorbike. The design and instrumentation of the new test rig is analysed and discussed in the paper. The test bench has been used for the characterization of different motorbike clutches. The bench has proved to be able to measure the clutch characteristic for different temperatures and clutch wear levels. A very good repeatability of the tests has been achieved allowing for a comparison of different clutches design, friction material properties and operating conditions (temperature, ..). Some experimental results are presented and discussed in the paper.

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