In this paper, a kinematic calibration method is developed for a 3rRPS metamorphic parallel mechanism with respect to all unknown parameters. Each limb of the 3rRPS mechanism is composed of (rR), P, and S joints. Two joints are actuated, namely P and r joints, hence the mechanism is able to switch between the 3RPS parallel mechanism and 3US parallel mechanism. The geometric constraint equations of the 3rRPS mechanism are initially established. Then, the optimization problems for the base, platform and actuated prismatic lengths during given trajectory are formulated by using the global search optimization algorithm. A physical model of the 3rRPS metamorphic parallel mechanism is built and an experiment is setup to validate the proposed calibration and optimization models. The external device, i.e., the OptiTrack is used during the experiment for motion capture system. All unknown parameters are identified and optimized by dint of the geometric properties of this mechanism and nonlinear optimization algorithms. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed calibration method is valid and effective.

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