This paper approaches the type synthesis of multi-degree of freedom planar metamorphic mechanisms with a single driver in a systematic process. The process is facilitated by implementing a constraint status matrix and a equivalent resistance matrix as a method for identifying an appropriate structure of planar metamorphic mechanisms with a single driver. Multi-structures can be obtained from the same source metamorphic mechanism by designing different constraint architectures of metamorphic joints. To determine the constraint architectures of metamorphic joints and their different assembly combinations, the constraint status matrix is built based on the task-based metamorphic cyclogram of a source mechanism. According to the equivalent resistance gradient model and the constraint status matrix, an equivalent resistance matrix for the metamorphic joints is proposed. A structural synthesis matrix of the metamorphic mechanism is then obtained from the equivalent resistance matrix by deducing the constraint-form vectors of the metamorphic joints. Furthermore, an effective kinematic diagram synthesis of the source mechanism of the planar metamorphic mechanism is proposed which is based only on the 14 one or zero degree-of-freedom (DOF) linkage groups. The entire structural design method of a metamorphic mechanism is based on the structural synthesis matrix and given in steps. Finally, a proposed structural design approach is illustrated by two examples.

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