This research focuses on improving the outcome of idea generation sessions of interdisciplinary student teams working in the early design stages of a product or solution by measuring the effect of incorporating Design Heuristics Cards at different points of ideation sessions that adhere to the brainstorming guidelines. Using the design thinking methodology, an open-ended challenge was given to the participating teams for a Brainstorming exercise divided into a fifteen-minute individual segment followed by a thirty-minute team ideation segment. Three experimental treatments were designed where Design Heuristics Cards were introduced at different points of the ideation exercise: the start of the individual ideation segment, the start of the team ideation segment, or the second half of the team ideation segment. A fourth control treatment did not introduce the cards at any point but used the Brainstorming guidelines throughout. The metrics observed were Fluency, Novelty, Feasibility, and Market Fit of the ideas generated by the students. Eighty-four students participated in the experiment, with 58.3% being from majors in the College of Engineering, 28.6% from majors in the College of Business Administration, 7.1% from majors in the College of Arts and Sciences, and 6.0% from majors in the College of Agriculture. No significant difference was found among the experimental treatments; however the results are not considered final due to the explorative nature of the study. Recommendations are made on future work and possible improvements to the experiment.

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