A generalized nonlinear time-varying, planar dynamic model of bifilar centrifugal pendulum vibration absorbers (CPVA) is proposed. This dynamic model enables fast prediction of vibration reduction performance of any CPVA design considering the impact of absorber rollers, gravity, end stops and translational motion of the system. The modeling framework provides comparative, simultaneous simulation results for numerous different design possibilities, and thus can be used to optimize CPVA designs. The dynamic model is generic and can handle N individually designed absorbers on a rotor with numerous path options ranging from circular to cycloid. Absorbers can be designed to be equally or unequally spaced. In this study, first the dynamic model of the bifilar CPVAs is derived. Then, case studies are provided to showcase the capabilities of the modeling framework. Initially, maximum applicable dynamic torque to a CPVA and vibration reduction performance are investigated by considering the effect of tuning order and different absorber path options for different operating speeds. Then, impact of different modelling features on system frequency response and limit dynamic torque is investigated. Interactions between the important design parameters are highlighted. Finally, the influence of end stop positioning on the CPVA dynamic response is illustrated.

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