Nonlinear energy harvesters have been widely studied in the last decade. Their broad bandwidth and relatively high power output contribute to energy harvesting applications. However, the coexisting multiple orbits brought by the nonlinearity weaken the performance of nonlinear energy harvesters. This paper proposes to achieve orbit jumps of monostable energy harvesters by a bidirectional energy conversion circuit. Changing the switch control sequence in the bidirectional energy conversion circuit facilitates it with both the energy harvesting and vibration exciting functions. Thus, a nonlinear energy harvester in connection with the circuit can harness ambient energy as well as excite itself, through energy harvesting and vibration exciting modes separately. Based on the concept of vibration exciting, the energy saved in the storage is used to stimulate the piezoelectric transducer for a larger vibration amplitude, which enables orbit jumps. The working mechanism of the circuit is introduced. Experimental setup of a monostable energy harvester has been developed to validate the proposed method. The monostable system can be stimulated to high-energy orbit from a small vibration amplitude by the vibration exciting mode of the circuit. It is also revealed that the method can achieve orbit jumps in a wide frequency range within the hysteresis area. Evaluations on energy consumption and energy gain show that the sacrificed energy can be quickly recovered. A novel approach for orbit jumps of monostable energy harvesters is performed so as to open new opportunities for monostable energy harvesters.

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