With the recent energy crisis, the new energy harvesting technologies have become one of the hot spots in engineering academic research and industrial applications. By its wide range of application fields, vibration energy harvesting technologies have been gradually developed and utilized in which an efficient and stable harvester technology is one of the recent key problems. In order to improve energy harvesting efficiency and reduce energy loss caused by motor inertial commutation, many mechanical structures or hydraulic structures that convert reciprocating vibration energy into single direction rotation of motor are proposed. Although these methods can improve energy harvesting efficiency, they can have negative effects in some cases, especially in the case of vibration energy harvesting from human beings. This paper proposes a vibration harvesting mechanism with mechanical rectification filter function applied to backpack. The prototype model of the system was established in SolidWorks and imported into ADAMS. Thereafter, dynamic analyses of mechanical rectification filtering characteristics and meshing characteristics of one-way clutch were simulated in ADAMS. Based on ADAMS, parametric design analysis and its influence on the mechanical rectification characteristics were investigated. The simulation results were validated by bench test results. Simulation results is done by ADAMS and the results match well with bench test results.

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