This paper addresses the optimum design, configuration and workspace analysis of a Cable-Driven Parallel Robot with an embedded tilt-roll wrist. The manipulator is a hybrid robot consisting in an under-constrained moving-platform accommodating a tilt-roll wrist. The embedded wrist provides large amplitudes of tilt and roll rotations and a large translational workspace obtained by the moving-platform. This manipulator is suitable for tasks requiring large rotation and translation workspaces like tomography scanning, camera-orienting devices and visual surveillance. The moving-platform is an eight-degree-of-freedom articulated mechanism with large translational and rotational workspaces and it is suspended from a fixed frame by six cables. The manipulator employs two bi-actuated cables, i.e., cable loops to transmit the power from motors fixed on the ground to the tilt-roll wrist. Therefore, the manipulator achieves better dynamic performances due to a lower inertia of its moving-platform.

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