The determination of the mobility of parallel mechanisms (PM) is a fundamental problem. An automatic and intelligent analysis software will be a significant tool for the design and optimization of mechanical systems. Based on the theory of position and orientation characteristics (POC) equations, a systematic approach to computer-aided mobility analysis of PMs is presented in this paper. First, a digital model for topological structures which has a mapping relationship with position and orientation characteristics of mechanism is proposed. It describes not only the dimension of the motion output, but also gives the mapping relationship between the output characteristic and the axis of the kinematic joints. Secondly, algorithmic rules are established that convert the union and intersection operations of POC into the binary logical operations and the automatic analysis of POC are realized. Then, the algorithm of the automatic mobility analysis of PMs and its implementation with VC++ are written. The mobility and its properties (POC) will also be analyzed and displayed automatically after introducing by users of the data of topological structures representation. Finally, typical examples are provided to show the effectiveness of the software platform.

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