Senior Capstone Design courses offer two major types of projects: industry sponsored projects and non-industry sponsored projects. Previous studies show changes in student motivation based on the type of project they select. However, the quantitative data analysis fails to capture the reasoning behind the student’s inclination towards a certain type of project in the beginning of the selection phase. Also, little is known about the personal experiences of the student working on the team and project they choose. This paper addresses the gap in the examination of student motivation based on the type of projects they select. This paper outlines a coding scheme developed to analyze the qualitative interview data gathered during an open-floor style exit interview with all of the senior design teams. The thirty minute exit interviews were conducted at the end of the semester to capture their experiences and reflections about the course. A coding manual is generated which highlights the codes observed frequently among the teams. Themes are developed highlighting the important phases of the course. The objective is to develop a coding scheme for senior capstone design courses which would serve as a guide to the educators to determine various factors that influence student motivation and improve the senior design experience for all students.

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